New Chris Farrell Membership Review 2014

It’s been a long time since I reviewed Chris Farrell Membership – 3 years in fact!

So I thought it’s about time I checked to see if it’s stood the test of time. Many membership sites simply remain static, giving out dated information and advice. They are left on the internet purely to get some residual income for their owners, paid by naive newcomers looking for help.

If you’re new to making money online, you may not of heard of Chris Farrell, or the Chris Farrell Membership site. But simply Google his name and you will find literally thousands of references everywhere.

chris farrell banner 1

Click Here to meet Chris


Who Is Chris Farrell?

Chris is an Englishman living in sunny California, and he’s no shrinking Violet! An ex-DJ, Chris started online from scratch in 2008, and invested in learning the ‘Making Money Online’ marketing industry for himself.

He now runs a highly successful membership site, priding himself on his abilities to TEACH what he knows, and especially targets teaching newcomers, in a clear friendly ’no geek talk’ way. The majority of the training is by video, often backed up with downloadable pdf documents.

In Chris’ own words

“Chris Farrell Membership has been voted Number One Internet Marketing Service by IM Report Card in 2011, 2012 and 2013.
CFM is a private members only resource for anyone serious about creating a regular, continuous income online.
All the latest strategies are catered for, with new information being added almost daily, and the site is geared for hand holding for complete newcomers.
The site contains a comprehensive source of in-depth informations; hands on help and advice; downloadable exclusive products; tutorials, and much more; but above all – a supportive and helpful team and ‘family’.”

“Everything is presented in a step-by-step, easy-to-understand, paint-by-numbers style”.

Chris’ greatest strength is in his self presentation.

He’s a bit like the Richard Branson of the internet. He comes across as an amiable and friendly but also very knowledgable marketer with an enormous enthusiasm to help others, and his enthusiasm is infectious. Watch any of his videos to see what I mean. All Chris’ advice, courses and information are in plain English! He makes sure that he cuts through all the jargon and ‘geek-speak’, so that even a total newbie can follow everything step-by-step.

So – What has changed at Chris Farrell Membership?

Chris Farrell Membership has changed drastically in the four years since I last reviewed it. I have had to put the benefits of membership on a separate page as there are so many. Simply click here to take a look for yourself.

One of the criticisms in my previous review was that the site was mainly geared towards custom built websites using Adobe Dreamweaver etc., and left many newbies without techie knowledge out in the cold.
All that has changed.The site is now heavily biased towards people using WordPress; either as a blog, or website. So now, even the total newcomer has the ready resource to learn and earn as quickly as possible, with Chris Farrell Membership geared up to help them.

Another newer feature is the ‘Done For You’ section. Here you can access ready made squeeze pages, sales pages and much more – with instructions on how to use them!

There’s so much more. take a look on the BENEFITS page for a more complete list.

Once you’re a member, there’s no more to pay! Everything you’ll need is included in the subscription, including Free Unlimited Web Hosting.

Still not convinced?

There are a couple of ways you can dip your toes in the water with absolutely no risk:

1. Sign up (with no commitment) for Chris’ introduction ebook “Shattering the Myth”.

  • You’ll instantly receive a copy of “Shattering the Myth”,
  • You’ll also receive Chris’ 12 part weekly video training newsletter “Success Grenade”. There is tons of valuable information here. Delivered to your email box every seven days, it gives you plenty of time to absorb, and practise the subject covered in each newsletter.

. . . and you still haven’t spent a dime!

2. Get a 7 day trial of Chris Farrell Membership

  • For only $7.00, you can get FULL ACCESS to Chris Farrell Membership. Even during the trial, the whole site is accessible, and you are free to use whatever resources are available to other members, even the support lines. You can, of course, cancel at any time if you wish. There are cancellation links on every section of the site.
  • You will also receive a copy of Chris’ book “How to Make Money Online (In 5 Simple Steps)”.

You have full access to all these benefits. (Click on link to see list of benefits).

What about support?

1. CFM has a very active forum, where you’ll find tons of help on whatever’s bothering you. The members here are extremely helpful and friendly.
2. Raise a support ticket at any time. You will receive a quick, and often personal acknowledgement.
3. Send by email. I did this recently, while writing this review.

I got a reply from Chris’ assistant saying he was away, but she would contact him and get back to me. The next day, I received an emailed video from Chris saying he was away, but my questions would be dealt with by Greg, in his office. Sure enough within two hours, I received a personal video dealing with my questions in a very clear and personal manner. Questions resolved!

Forget the shiny things.
Put away all those ‘millionaire maker’ products you’ve bought, and don’t buy any more.
Check out Chris Farrell Membership. It probably has all you need to know to start making money online.

My Verdict

Overall, this is one of the easiest verdicts.
I wholeheartedly recommend Chris Farrell Membership to anyone, but particularly struggling newcomers to internet marketing.
There are no get rich quick promises, as Chris expressly explains that there’s a learning curve for every stage of growth.

He does offer structured, clear, no nonsense, plain English, step by step information to guide you on your journey. It’s almost as good as having your own personal mentor. The information is substantial, complete and easy to follow. A bit like joining the dots really. This is a membership site to aspire to.

It must be good, because I’m still a member. In time saving alone, the cost of membership has paid itself back over and over, and instead of hunting on Google to resolve my queries, nine times out of ten CFM has the answers.

At Chris Farrell Membership you will get all the tools, training and help you need. All you have to do is take action.

If you only ever join one membership site, this is the one to join.


Here are those links again.

  1. Extensive List of Benefits of joining Chris Farrell Membership (Will open in a separate page).
  2. Free ebook “Shattering the Myth” and free 12 part video training course “Success Grenade”
  3. Seven day trial of CFM for $7.00, plus book “How to Make Money Online”, and unadvertised free bonuses.

I hope my new Chris Farrell Membership review has given you the newest information to help you. Whether you’re a member of Chris Farrell Membership or not, please let me know your views, opinions and questions.





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New G-Font Plugin Changes Your Entire WordPress Site

A Great New WordPress plugin, G-Font Plugin.

I like it so much, I bought it and installed it on all my sites. I can now change the appearance of any part of my sites with this simple one click plugin. In the 4 years I’ve been posting to this site, I’ve never once promoted a paid plugin – till now.

As some of you know, my background’s in the printing and advertising fields.

This gave me a wide appreciation of typefaces and layout, and an understanding of the power of making a first impression. If you could print it, I could come up with the goods – no probs. However, having moved onto the internet, I’m having to learn new ways to do everything. This includes graphics, layout, and of course, typefaces.

One thing I’ve found very restrictive, is the number of typefaces you can use in WordPress. Unless you have a lot of knowledge with website design, it ends up with many sites looking like everyone else’s.

I never go probing about in the coding stuff either. That’d be like giving a knitting job to someone with boxing gloves on.

But all that’s changed now. With this excellent new WordPress plugin, you can completely update the look of your site, with absolutely no skills at all. The rest of this post contains some ‘over use’ of the G-Font plugin, just to let you see for yourself how easy it is. I would not normally mix things up so much, but it suits the purpose.

A vast selection of options

Instead of having the usual dozen typefaces available to you, with the G-Font plugin you have access to 600 Google approved fonts.

The plugin also has 27 type effects built in, so you can bring some character to your posts and pages. You have the flexibility to customise either on a page by page level, of site wide, such as Titles, Page Headers etc. So you can now change the entire look of your site, or just a single page.

Suited for your niche.

If, say, you’re niche is in Skin and Beauty, you can now set the site out to match this perfectly, with Sue Ellen Francis font as your site name, and Swanky and Moo Moo for your body copy, or Menu Titles. Add one of the 27 Style Effects such as 3D, and a little colour exactly where you want it, and your site takes on a whole new look and feel.

The same applies if you’re in the Gaming or Gothic niches. A quick change of fonts and styles can give it the right atmosphere.

As an ex graphics man, I love this plugin. For a one off cost, you have licence to use it on unlimited sites, and receive constant updates.

It’s amazingly simple to use, and you can change you site’s look in minutes.

If you want to see just some of the flexibility the G-Font plugin gives you, take a look at my Resources Page. On the Resources Page, the Site Name has stayed as is, but i’ve played about a bit with the Body Text and Page Title.

For a quick video demo of the plugin, just click on the banner below.



This Plugin Is Hot 

                                  Alan Ashwood

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How to Stop Spam in WordPress in 5 Minutes

How to stop spam in WordPress in just 5 minutes from now.Picture of Spam on Shelves

A Warning and a Quick Recommendation

I came back to my blog yesterday to discover that it had been spammed again. Now I can’t stand spam, it’s only good for dog food in my opinion —- wait a minute! wrong spam.

Start again. I had been spammed with, basically, garbage, and a lot of it, BUT . . .

Fortunately I have a great plugin called Akismet installed on this site, and it intercepted every single one, while letting proper comments through to let me read and approve them.

325,000 and counting!

If you take a peek at the bottom of the right hand column, you will see just how much unwanted spam has been blocked from this site alone. At the time of writing, it’s over 325,000. That’s a lot of crap to filter through, and you can avoid it simply by installing the free plug in, Akismet.

The last time I was at their site, they stated that the plugin had stopped over 100 BILLION scam posts and comments. Yes, you read that right – OVER 100 BILLION!

Use the free Akismet plugin, and stop spam on your site today.

  1. Click the link to do straight to the Akismet plugin page,
  2. Download, install and activate the plugin. (You’ll need to visit the Akismet page to get a free unique key)
  3. Done!

Five minutes from now you can be totally spam free, for ever.  Yay!!

While I’m here, I may as well stop ‘nonsense’ commenters from bothering.

I review, and try to reply to, every comment received, so when you send a comment saying “Hey Al, great post”, it won’t be added. There are a lot of people really making an effort to get ‘juice’ backfeeds to their blogs. I love to receive comments, and I reply to most, but I don’t entertain ‘bulk commenting’ time wasters. OK?

Here’s an example of one I received:

“the written content on this publish is really one particular of the top substance that We have at any time arrive throughout. I adore your submit, I will are available back again to examine for new posts.”       ?????????????????????????????

Any translation suggestions welcome! How should I reply?

Whinge over, back to the main reason for this post today.

Install the Akismet plugin today if you want to avoid idiots turning your work into nonsense.

See you soon



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  • G-Font Plugin (Multi Site + Developer License) G-Font Plugin adds 600 + amazing fonts and 27 font effects to any theme in seconds with point and click ease and without any coding, design or typography experience whatsoever.
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How to Make Money on a Tight Budget – 2. Your IM Toolkit

How to Make Money Online on a Tight Budget – Part 2.

Your Basic Toolkit

I’m writing this in an effort to help you start up your own online internet marketing business, with the sole intention of making an income from it. I know what it’s like to have the enthusiasm and perhaps the ideas to go with it – but very little money. That was me when I started, and I want to save you some time, grief, and obviously money in the process.
You may be either working on limited budget, or worse, no budget at all.

Like most things, it’s much harder to start something new if you’re running on vapours, and starting with a shoestring budget does have some negative implications.
But don’t lose heart completely.

You can get going with very little initial capital, but be prepared that it will be slower process, and harder. If you are one of the latter, I hope I can help. But even if you have no money to spare, you may see ways you can make a once only investment which doesn’t cost too much, but will propel your business forward.
Also be aware that the free alternatives may be more difficult to use, and may require more knowledge or practise to make happen. Where possible, I will find the free alternatives, or the most economic ones.

If you intend to set up an online marketing business:

• A Minimum Set of Tools:

  1. A website or Blog;
  2. A domain name;
  3. A web host;
  4. A Clickbank account;
  5. A PayPal account;
  6. An Autoresponder



Keep Your WordPress Plugins Current (and Check Those Comments)

Keep Your WordPress plugins up to date.

Photo of Ramshackle House

Ready For Business

During one of my many trawls around the net looking for info, I came across a blog which had just what I was looking for. There was a very well thought out video ‘over the shoulder’ jobbie about setting up lists and optins for a particular autoresponder on WordPress sites.

I did notice that some of the details were a little out of date, but this didn’t invalidate the info – very useful.

So . . .   being a sociable and grateful sort of chap, I thought I’d thank them for the information with a supportive comment (wasn’t that nice?).

1. I wrote my comment, adding some relevant info, and went to sign off, – BUT . . . 

  • CommentLuv was out of date, and
  • KeywordLuv was out of date too.

OK you might say, no big deal.

But this blog was still being posted, so the impression given was that the blog wasn’t being maintained. Visitors will be somewhat annoyed if they can’t get backlinks through CommentLuv if they even bother to comment.

I realised that this site owner was not keeping his wordpress plugins up to date.

Not very encouraging, especially as it’s dead simple to update plugins automatically.

2. I then read existing comments for this post, looking for other people’s opinions, BUT . . . .

All the comments were spam. Why?

The comments are apparently being moderated,  so why let through You managed to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the whole thing without having side effect, people could take a signal” as valid comment?

Although I’d gained some useful information, I was left with the impression that the blogger wasn’t maintaining his house. This left an worse impression of unprofessionalism. Or maybe it’s just me?

What’s your policy on overtly spam comments?

My call on this is, to look professional (and save you a lot of grief):

  1. Keep all your plugins up to date
  2. Keep you WordPress version up to date
  3. Boot out the spam
  4. Install Akismet anti spam plugin

This simple, regular housekeeping task will make your site work more efficiently, and give a much better impression to your visitors.

Are YOU’RE WordPress plugins up to date?



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