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During one of my many trawls around the net looking for info, I came across a blog which had just what I was looking for. There was a very well thought out video ‘over the shoulder’ jobbie about setting up lists and optins for a particular autoresponder on WordPress sites.

I did notice that some of the details were a little out of date, but this didn’t invalidate the info – very useful.

So . . .   being a sociable and grateful sort of chap, I thought I’d thank them for the information with a supportive comment (wasn’t that nice?).

1. I wrote my comment, adding some relevant info, and went to sign off, – BUT . . . 

  • CommentLuv was out of date, and
  • KeywordLuv was out of date too.

OK you might say, no big deal.

But this blog was still being posted, so the impression given was that the blog wasn’t being maintained. Visitors will be somewhat annoyed if they can’t get backlinks through CommentLuv if they even bother to comment.

I realised that this site owner was not keeping his wordpress plugins up to date.

Not very encouraging, especially as it’s dead simple to update plugins automatically.

2. I then read existing comments for this post, looking for other people’s opinions, BUT . . . .

All the comments were spam. Why?

The comments are apparently being moderated,  so why let through You managed to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the whole thing without having side effect, people could take a signal” as valid comment?

Although I’d gained some useful information, I was left with the impression that the blogger wasn’t maintaining his house. This left an worse impression of unprofessionalism. Or maybe it’s just me?

What’s your policy on overtly spam comments?

My call on this is, to look professional (and save you a lot of grief):

  1. Keep all your plugins up to date
  2. Keep you WordPress version up to date
  3. Boot out the spam
  4. Install Akismet anti spam plugin

This simple, regular housekeeping task will make your site work more efficiently, and give a much better impression to your visitors.

Are YOU’RE WordPress plugins up to date?



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