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The following information shows you 3 quick and simple ways to protect your WordPress site from hackers. The bonus is – it’s all free.

It’s now so much easier to protect your WordPress sites from hackers.

Anyone who’s been the victim of hackers knows that it can be a gut wrenching experience. Believe me – it happened to me – on five sites! So that it doesn’t happen to you, spend the next 30 minutes protecting your site from hackers.

Your WordPress User Name

By default, when you first install your WordPress site, you will be allocated the Username “Admin”. The hackers love this. It’s the easiest way for their crawlers to attack your site and plant some malicious code.

1. You MUST MUST MUST change the WordPress Username immediately.

There are two alternative ways to do this:

  • The wonderful Adrienne Smith has posted a great video How to Change a WordPress Username, showing you how to change it manually. It’s very simple when someone shows you how.
  • Alternatively you can install the Better WordPress Security plugin (see below).In the WordPress Dashboard –  Security – Settings -Dashboard, it will warn you, and give you a one click fix.



I want this plugin to have my babies!


2. Install and Activate: Wordfence Security plugin (FREE) protect-wordpress-hackers-warning-box

Now I’ve discovered this plugin, I’m in love. Wordfence Security has so many great security features, they’re too many to list here completely. But once you’ve installed it, it immediately invites you to scan your site.


Once it’s set up an archive of your data, it can compare it with any changes which may be attempted, or occur; especially from outside. After that, it will scan your site at least once a day (customisable), and email you any concerns.

The plugin is almost infinitely tuneable, giving you the control you need.

You want to go from this: Red X Options




To THIS:Congratulations Red X copy

3. Install and Activate: Better WP Security plugin (FREE)

I actually run both plugins on my sites. I’m probably paranoid.

But Better WP Security has a couple of nice features. Changing your WP password (see above), one click fixes, and backups. It also has a multitude of optional settings available including a backup facility, so you can have your entire backup sent to your email box at least once a week. Then if everything does go pear shaped, you can fall back on your recent backup.

It shouldn’t however, be necessary now, because you’ve taken 3 simple steps to protect your work, and give you peace of mind.

I hope this helps. Now don’t procrastinate – do the 3 steps above, to protect your WordPress site from hackers.


What do you use for your security?


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