Are you being spun a yarn about Article Spinners?

There are many article spinners, or article rewriters available, both free and paid for. They are touted as the quickest, laziest and easiest way to produce different variations of an original article for publishing beyond your site or blog.
They are supposed to save you time, and automatically produce perhaps hundreds of versions of your original articles.
But are they really necessary?

What are Article Spinners?

In simple terms, an article spinner is a software application that can ‘read’ an original article, and using synonyms in the text, create an alternative version.

Why are they used, and why would you need one?

Once an article or post is created, the author may wish to put it to further use by submitting the article to, say an article directory. This way, he or she can spread the article, and get useful backlinks to his site or blog, while helping to build traffic.  The idea of spinning is so that many entirely different articles are created, giving the impression of originality to each of them.

To avoid the necessity of writing each version over and over again, which would take  considerable time, article spinners can produce around 200 versions in minutes. Many people believe that you must change the original before you make any further use of it.

So when would you need an article spinner?

Hmm, sorry, can’t think of one, not one good reason.

Often, the sellers of these products will tell you to use them for submitting articles to article directories, or other places which may increase awareness of your brand and site. They will tell you to take a PLR article and simply spin it, then use an Article Submitter to spread the word. They express deep concerns and warnings about how you’d be ‘penalized’ by Google for duplicate content breaches, especially after the recent changes to Google’s algorithms, known as Panda.

This is not the case. In fact for the most part it’s total garbage.

1. Original Articles created by you.

If you’ve written an article and posted it on your site or blog, and it’s your original work, you’re pretty much free to do with it whatever you wish, without spinning it. You can submit your article to an article directory such as Ezine Articles exactly as it is. There is no reason to even change a word, although you may want to to tweak it a bit first. (Note: Always post the article to your own site/blog before submitting it elsewhere).

2. Repurposed PLR Articles

PLR articles are a different matter. I always recommend virtually completely rewriting the article yourself, to make it your own. It takes a little time, but you have a much better item, a better understanding of the subject, and it is now effectively your own article. I find it also helps in the learning to write articles process, and it’s more likely to have your personal ‘feel’ to it.

By doing so, you now have an original. Once you’ve got this, you can treat it exactly as you would in 1 above. If you simply distribute the PLR article, you WILL be discovered by Google’ spyders, and you WILL suffer.

Please note that there are a few directories who may question the originality, but they’re in the minority.

Quote by Alexa Smith – Big League Article Marketer in Warrior Forum, “For article directories (with only one exception, called “Buzzle”), they don’t need to differ at all.” To read the discussion at WF, click here. Alexa’s full reply is post No. 40.

Duplicate Content.

Although this still appears to be a contentious debate, the majority of big league article marketers support the view above. The definition “duplicate content” is confused with “syndicated content”. For the most part, duplicate content is content duplicated on the same site. Anything which is published outside the original site is deemed “syndicated content”, which doesn’t receive any penalties by Google.

What do you get for your money?

I’ve tried many spinners, boasting all sorts of accuracy levels. They seem to vary between Not Very Good, and Downright Rubbish. I’m sure you’ve started to read an article or post somewhere, and realized that the English grammar doesn’t make sense. There’s a good chance that it’s been spun.

I don’t trust them either. Almost without exception, even when I’ve spun just 20 copies of an article, I’ve found that they’re virtually unintelligable. You end up having to go through them bit by bit, to correct all the incorrect synonyms that have been scrambled. How time consuming is that!

Here are a few examples, just to prove my point: (Black text is the original)

Writing articles to market products or companies is an outstanding way to build business.
Writing articles to industry products or program is an excellent way to construct business.
Writing articles to marketplace products or service is an fantastic way to construct business.

These articles are normally submitted to article banks, websites, and ezine editors.
These articles or blog posts are normally sent to write-up banks, internet websites, and ezine writers.
These bloggers are customarily proffered to write-up banks, websites and ezine scribes.

Promotion your content one at a time can take a great deal of time
Advertising your articles one at a time can take a stellar deal of time
Marketing your articles or blog posts one at a time can take a good cope of time

My case rests.

I don’t like article spinners, I don’t trust them, buy them or use them.

What are your experiences with them; how do you use them; how reliable are they?


“The trouble with words is that you never know whose mouths they’ve been in.”

Dennis Potter




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